Sunday School

St. Mary’s Sunday School as old as St. Mary’s Orthodox Valiyapalli, imparts spiritual and scriptural knowledge to our boys and girls. The Sunday School helps in sowing the seeds of goodness in our children. It helps in protecting the children from falling in sinful ways. The biblical knowledge acts as a fortress where our young, adult and old live according to the Lord’s teaching. Our Sunday School is looked upon as a source of scriptural fountain from where our children quench and satisfy their inner thirst.

In its inception where membership of the church was fewer, the number of Sunday School students was relatively small. However, love and devotion of the elders towards the church helped the Sunday School function in spiritually nurturing our children.

Among the headmasters who served the Sunday School with devotion in its early stages, some names such as the late respected Rev. Barsleeba Ramban (Kodathu) and Shri C.T. Samuel, Kripa Bhavan are remembered with gratitude. The present headmaster, Shri C.T. Daniel Kulathumkal whose tenure dates back to 1951 still serves our Sunday School with love and juvenile enthusiasm. To be in the headmastership of the Sunday School for a long 63 years may be a rare instance in the history of the Malankara church.

In 1979 our Sunday School started the Vacation Bible School which was later christened as OVBS. It goes to the credit of our Church and Sunday School that among all the nearby Churches, we started the the VBS first.

Shri Raju Varghese of Puthur, then a Theological Seminary Student was the first person who lead the VBS. Some other illustrious names associated with our OVBS are Dn. Sabu Kuriakose (H.G. Zacharia Mar Aprem), Br. Biju (H.G. Abraham Mar Seraphim). For the past 35 years, students come from Theological Seminary to our church for taking classes for our Sunday School children.

In due course with increase in membership, for the benefit of our children living in far flung areas such as Murinjakal who found it difficult to come to the Sunday School in the Church, a Sunday School was started in Kollampadi in 1988 by the then Vicar Fr. Elias Koshy. Later, this Sunday School became an independent Edavaka.

Thereafter, a Sunday School with the name St. George was started in Vakayar Thottabhagam. This Sunday School meets the spiritual needs of our children in that area under the leadership of Smt. K.M. Chinnamma. Besides the headmaster, there are ten teachers in the Sunday School.

In St. Mary’s Sunday School, Vakayar, besides the headmaster, there are twenty five teachers to teach 175 students in different age groups. The students take part in extra-curricular activities. Our students have won prizes in Zonal, District and Diocesan level competitions. Also our students have won over-all championships. Balika-Bala samajam functions as an integral part of the Sunday School. Children of the samajam take part in annual competitions.

Our Sunday School aims at preparing our children to face and live as faithful witnesses in the wider world. We hope and pray that our Sunday School will help our children enrich their life in both the worlds. Amen.

Sunday School Office Bearers