St Mary's Charitable Fund

St. Mary's Charitable Fund was formed on 21-07-2013. It was the result of the merger of the existing Funds of the Church so as to remove the hardships of different byelaws and committees. The initiative was from the Vicar, Rev. Saji Thomas, Tharayil which was well supported by the General Body.

The main source of revenue for the Fund are interest received from the deposits donated by the members and the yearly collection from the charity box placed at all the homes of the members as briefed below :

  • Parish Save Charitable Fund – The yearly Box collection from the members and the amount so collected place as deposits and the yearly interest received from the deposits.
  • Maruthimoottil Puthuvelil Smt. Aleyamma Memorial Fund (formed on 02-03-2004)– The yearly interest utilized for the welfare of any one individual till the need of that individual is over as decided by the Fund Committee.
  • Kinattumkara Sri. K J. Samuel and Smt. Mariamma Samuel Memorial Fund (formed on 14-09-2008) – The yearly interest utilized for the charity purpose as decided by the Fund Committee.
  • Edayadiyil Barsleeba Remban Memorial Fund (formed on 28-03-2011) – The yearly interest utilized for the charity purpose as decided by the Fund Committee and announced on the Memorial day.

The committee members of the Fund comprises of the current three office bearers, Vicar, Trustee, Secretary, three elected members from the General Body, three members nominated by the Vicar, and one family member from the family donating an amount equivalent to Rs.100000/- (Rupees One Lakh) and more of which we have currently three members who shall also be the lifetime members, so in total the current committee members stands at twelve. The term of the members other than the lifetime members is for three years.

Monthly Pension is being given to the needy, Educational aid is given to the deserving students, Medical Aid is given to the financial needy and other financial support as decided by the Fund Committee at regular intervals.

The formation of this Fund has been a great step in strengthening the charitable activities.

St Mary's Charitable Office Bearers