Martha Mariam Samajam

Martha Mariam Samajam was founded on September 26, 1997 by a group of ladies and the first meeting was held under the Presidentship of the then Vicar, Rev. T M Samuel. There are many objectives in its formation like, to empower women spiritually by building up their life according to the teachings and principles of the Orthodox beliefs, to be a role model by imbibing the true nature of women and be active socially and physically. .

In the initial stage, three units were formed, namely the Pallibhagam (St.Stephens), Thottabhagam (St. Thomas), Reethupallibhagam (St.Pauls) and on the last Friday of every month the combined meetings of all the units were held in the church. Mrs. P J Sosamma was elected as the Secretary and Mrs. K M Chinnamma was elected as the Treasurer and they are still continuing in their respective position till date. Their contribution and service to the church is now remembered with great pride and honour. Two more units were started under the Presidentship of Rev. Shyju Kurian, namely, Eliyarackalbhagam (Mar. Divanyasious) and Panamoodubhagam (St.Peter's), which further strengthened the functioning of the Ladies wing. The biggest extension of the units was seen in the year 2013 under the able guidance of Rev. Saji Thomas Tharayil with the formation of four more units, namely, Palliku Thekkubhagam(St. John's), Poovannalbhagam(St Gregorious), Cheribhagam(St. Mary's) and Neduvinakuzhybhagam(St. George). Thus the total number of units as of today stands at nine. Each unit is managed by a Secretary and a Treasurer. The combined meeting of all the units is held on the last Sunday of every month.

The members visit the sick at home and hospitals, provide financial aid to the needy, financial support during marriages to the needy and provide comfort and solace to the grieved family members at the time of funeral and conduct prayers wherever they visit.

Martha Mariam Samajam Office Bearers